Advice please? I'm so stressed out. (I'll answer yours) ?

My mom is stressing me out so much! I can't tell her anything anymore because I lost so much interest in her. We used to go shopping all the time together, and laugh all the time. Now when I joke around, she's like "It's not funny!" and when I joke around. I smirk. My mom cheated in the past on my step dad, and I think she's doing it AGAIN. On her Facebook page, the first person she searched up a lot was the guy she cheated on with. It absolutely KILLS me because my step dad is basically my dad. She promised me she wouldn't cheat again. People found out at our school, and anxiety hit me. Now I suffer from anxiety.. I felt judged all over the place, when minds were being quiet from the stares..
I can't even see my boyfriend! My mom thinks he's a bad influence when he ISN'T. She met him once, and he's a different race to me. If I see my boyfriend, I'm grounded.
I MADE MY MOM HAPPY.. I kept the secrets of herself cheating. : I feel like I'm changing into a bad person because I smoked marihuanna and I partied this weekend.
I feel ugly from the stress my mom gives me..

What do I even do? :( My mom puts me down too much.

Little Information : I'm Lyndsey. I'm 17. I'm pretty good in school and I graduate in December (early) I'm part German and I'm a caring and always a happy person.


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  • Well, you will pick up your mothers bad habits by partying and smoking pot
    that's a great turn off and no offense it is and you won't get no Bf saying that stuff
    you will scare guys away. your walking in your mothers footsteps and i am sorry
    but you know it's true i think your doing them things to punish your self
    if i was guy i be afraid that you would cheat like your mothers doing
    start standing up to your mom cause if you don't your headed down the
    wrong way.. Hey i come from family who had drug addicts so just watch
    that you only smoke pot you got know they can lace pot with bad heroin.

    • If you can't handle living at home than get out there
      if your moms making your life hell than make her life hell
      by telling your step-dad she's cheating on him but if your
      mom doesn't let you out , why did you go out to smoke pot
      now the Internet police know all about it.

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    • Snuck out.. I was basically around people passing and passing it. I inhaled alittle because I knew it was wrong.. So wrong..

    • I wish you the best :(

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  • You need to stop burdening yourself with your parents' problems. They are not your responsibility. It's normal to feel that way since you love your step dad. I think you have it out with your mom and tell her the truth about what you know.


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  • Sounds like your mother is a reaaaal winner.
    She is not happy with her life, but it doesn't mean she should make you unhappy with her. I don't care for the smoking you have done... but for her to cheat on your step dad like that and then have the fucking guts to say you can't see your boyfriend because SHE doesn't think he is a good influence... riiightttt she should know.. she sounds like a shit influence herself.

    • Oh my gosh..
      You made me feel better a bit ! Hahah!
      I made my mom happy, and told her.. "If you cheat.. You need to break up with my step dad. I respect you that you're happy but that's wrong mom!" And she would just cry.. She wants me to be happy, and I don't feel freakin' happy at ALL. It's hurting my boyfriend and I bad.
      I got my driver's license, and my car.. She said if I see somebody who I shouldn't be seeing. She will take my car. This is literally threatening..

    • Even worse.. My sister is a sophomore and her boyfriend is a freshmen. She lost her virginity to him, and my mom even said.. "You can lose your virginity to whoever. You can tell me about it." and I'm like..
      "Umm.. What?" W. T. F.

    • Wow she is a piece of work o_O