Make the move or call it quits?

I have liked this guy for a long time. We have been really good friends for about a year now but have known each other for about 3. Recently I have been so convinced that he likes me and was about to say something about my feelings and ask him out. But then we went out with a group of friends and a girl that has been around a few times but is pregnant and single was there. He started making jokes about her doing sexual favors for him and that the baby was his and then told her to call him when she has the baby so he can be there for his child. She said that she didn't have his number so he gave it to her right in front of me. After that we went to a club to go dancing (she didn't go) and he was his normal self around me again but even more flirtatious. I am the only person he dances with. He kept complimenting me and when I asked him a question about why he doesn't ask anyone else to dance he diverted the question to me and then when I made him answer he said it was because dancing isn't his thing. I talked to my best friend who is around us all the time and she sees us as just friends. So now I am confused. Do I still make the move and risk making the friendship awkward or do I take that as a sign that we are just friends? Before this night I was very confident about things. And now I feel like quitting and feel like I overread everything and that I am the only peraon who sees it. I don't know what to do!


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  • From where I am sitting here, dear, You are Not------The only person who can see it... I agree with your bestie that it's friends for now anyways.
    With his lame loose jokes about the girl who was barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, even going so far as giving her his number, this is telling me tha the is Not ready nor raring to be in a Real Relationship, making himself even look like a cock rooster with egg all over his face when he made a complete ass of himself with the Bun in the oven.
    He may like to flirt with you, have a few laughs with you but if he really cared about just You, he wouldn't be trying to make moves on a 'Pregnant and single' girl... he would be making all the Moves and grooves for your eyes only.
    Stay friends, keep it lite and semi sweet. Quit while you are not ahead and don't 'Overread' anything... I have his Number, you should as well. He is not only Not a dancer on the dance floor but bit of a player in the field when he feels like it.
    You found out he is a horse of another color when you found out his True colors and I feel you are head and shoulders above him.
    Good luck. xx

    • That is the first time I have seen him come close to hitting on another girl. Usually he doesn't say anything about other girls and acts like he doesn't notice them. It was just weird and different. He is usually and shy person but when he did that it was very outgoing and steaight forward so it just caught me off guard because it wasn't like him. But we had been drinking.

    • Probably a lot you are just seeing now.. and maybe too he was showing you in hi sown way, for guys can be Like this in their own 'weird and different' way, that he Is a free bird and wants no strings attached... perhaps he is doing it to prove a point and with a bit of being pie eyed, the truth does come out. xx

  • If he has been your friend for 3 years and hasn't made a move then he probably doesn't like you more than a friend. If he is hitting on other women then I doubt he has you in mind as a potential gf.

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