I don't understand? Please help guys?

Ok so long story short...
I met this guy yesterday and we hit it off right away... We didn't have sex but made out and held hands...
Anyway he gave me his number and then I called but he didn't answer... He called back and we talked for a few minutes he said he would call me back but hasn't... There is more but it's to long...
What are the signs a guy is not interested when you first meet and what are signs he is?


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  • Don't jump to conclusions and at the same time be careful. The reason could very well be he is genuinely busy and has his hands tied and similarly you never know, it could be that he is playing a game. Give it some time, see what happens. Good luck, I hope it works out for you two :)


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  • He gave you his number, it's a good sign. Maybe he just couldn't call yet. It's too soon to say. Just wait a little more and keep trying to contact him if he doesn't call back.

  • Well he called ya back, that's a good sign :3

    You'll have to tell us the other details if ya want more in depth help, but from what ya said, just seems like bad timing and over reading :3

  • SO you met a guy and immediately started making out... you're a hookup, waiting to happen, lol


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