This girl I am dating used to have a thing with my best friend? Will this cause problems down the line?

They had a primarily physical relationship. They both act weird around each other but they don't like each other he has a girlfriend that he's been with for several months now. But I can't shake the feeling that for some reason this will be a problem. Will it?

Also were not official yet we've done a lot of kissing and stuff though.


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  • If you don't talk about it and clear the air then yes it will.


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  • Yes but only if your best friends forces himself into the relationship i. e. talks shit about her. I got into a relationship with a girl last spring for a few weeks. Her ex, a friend of mine, would always tell me she was crazy and all this other crap. I felt like he wanted the relationship to fail and it did.

    • Well he set us up so I don't think he wants us to fail. But we have a close group of friends and I think she has some bitter reservations still.

    • If they recently broke up then I would back off a bit and give her time before pursuing a potential intimate relationship with her.

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