Why is he viewing my dating profile all of a sudden?

Me and this guy have crazy chemistry but I keep pushing him away somehow. We met online and it off, started going on out strong and after several dates we got intimate. We both loved it but I was insecure that maybe it was too soon and started tripping. We stopped talking. He hit me a couple months later and I was interested, only to shown interest a month later. We went for coffee and felt the same strong feelings but this time I didn't let things go to far, but I told him to delete my number and accused him of only wanting one thing. I later realized it was my own issue and expressed that to him and went into detail about my issues and he said "it is what is it is, and its in me" I replied with a long message and he never replied. I waited a month and found him on Facebook because I deleted his number and said "I deleted your number after our encounter which is why I didn't text but wanted to say sorry for everything and merry Christmas and happy new year"... he never replied. Is he just done? I since deleted Facebook after a few days of no response because I never use it and saw he was on mobile and just probably ignoring me.

Yesterday I happen to log into this dating site Im on and saw he viewed my profile. Why? Why the curiosity all of a sudden? I understand wanting to see if the info was the same as before, or new pictures but if you are ignoring someone, why would you view their profile when you know they can see that you did?
If anyone cards about signs, some think its silly while some are into it. Taurus female with leo moon and he a Leo man dont know his moon sign.


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  • It's irrelevent if he looks at your profile again. A relationship clearly doesn't work between you with your issue of self-sabotage and he doesn't want to pursue anything else if he deleted your number.

    • I deleted his number. I gave up, I just wonder why HE viewed my profile, wasn't looking for a rude response.

    • Because he wanted to, there could be a million reasons. There's no point trying to find a deeper meaning.