What in the world do I do?

So I dated this guy. He was really cool, sweet, funny, and really caring... Until he moved in with his buddy. He started to ignore me. I broke it off. I didn't have time for his childish games. I moved on got with this guy. He treated me like a queen. He and I decided that our friendship was more important to us than a romantic relationship. The guy that I dated and broke it off with because he was being childish came back and decided he wanted to talk and try to get with me. I still have very strong feelings for the guy that i broke it off with because our friendship was more important. I have no idea in the world I should do. Please help me.


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  • Childish games? You are a child. Go play some damn video game or play a sport. Enjoy your young life because when you get older life becomes bullshit.

    • Dude how old do you think i am? And childish games like he would go and hid my shit from me so I couldn't leave, He would play mind games with me just to piss me off, and he would have his buddy test if i was faithful or not. So before you come around trying to tell me I'm a child. Stop and think. I have had a hard life. I raised both of my baby brothers since the came out of my mother. I was a mom at the age of 8 to my brothers. I did everything for them so think twice next time.

  • u fook them?

    • No I didn't

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    • But why? That's not who i am

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