Why does he get jealous?

My boyfriend gets so jealous of my guy best friend, I mean one time my best friend (guy) hugged me and my boyfriend got all mad. Why? and why specifically the guy best friend?


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  • ask yourself honestly if youd be bothered at all if ur man had a best female friend that hugged on him.
    even if he knew it was nothing more then friends.
    would it make u wonder I he's into her or she's into him?
    me and my bf went through this. he hated me having anything to do with the other sex and at first I pushed my limits even tho I knew I wasn't trying to do him wrong.
    but it hurts him so I stopped. just try to honestly see it from his perspective and if it wouldn't bug u that he were in that position then just consider his feelings if u love him


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  • He is insecure about himself and doesn't feel secure enough in your relationship. He probably interprets your fondness for your best friend as him being more important to you than your bf.

  • possessiveness is good in love... but if you go with some mature thinking... your boyfriend has a very superficial mind and is a narrow minded person... not a healthy sign for you dear..

  • He wants you all for himself.

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