You want to know why I worry about my non existent love life so much? Read this. You want to understand whe I'm afraid I'll never find love?

A lot of people I know always ask me why I'm so worried about being in a relationship. They always ask "Why worry? You're young, the right girl will come to you in time. You have other things to worry about". Well, in truth, I don't have much else to worry about. I don't worry about school because I am a good student who gets good grades and I don't waste my time doing stupid things when I should be studying. I don't worry about my future career, as I already have a lot of great opportunities lined up waiting on me. I don't worry about things like that. I worry about finding love though, because that's one thing I'm not confident about. I'm not confident about finding love because I'm no confident approaching to and talking to girls. I have no confidence with girls because every girl I've been romantically interested in has burnt me. I worry about never finding love because I want to find love, but when I look at the world, it just looks like love is failing around the world. Divorce rates, domestic violence, all that stuff scares me. All these stories we hear about the person you marry not being "the one" scares me. Because if I ever do convince a girl to marry me, I'm afraid she'll still burn me. I'm afraid I'll always be nothing more than a single guy who can't find love. I'm afraid that will be the story of me. I hope I'm not the only one that feels like this.


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  • Don't worry about that just live for the moment if you see a hot girl walk up to her and say hey. Have fun with your life don't take it for granted. Fear is what holds you back from taking risks. Some risks are once in a life time opportunities...