Second date and forgot her bday... what to do?

We have gone out once (just drinks). We had planned to go out a second time but for one reason or another i. e. me canceling or her canceling, we never did.. until now in a few days. During the month and a half of "talking" I fell off the earth a little bit and so did she... it was very recent that I decided that I was going to be more persistent with her. I realized recently that on our first date she had mentioned that her bday was coming up (over a month after our first date). I never greeted her b/c I forgot and now I am wondering if I should say happy bday when I see her even though I'm very late and perhaps even get her a small gift? Or should I just ask her, how was your bday and leave it at that since there is clearly not enough history and attempting to go out with her has been a mission and a half. Thoughts?


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  • Give her a small gift and say happy birthday (even if you are late it's the thought that counts)

    • Thanks! That's helpful. What do you think would be a nice small gift? A bottle of wine maybe?

    • Yes a bottle of wine is always good :) also maybe something chocolate or one of her favorite types of candy too. Or even wine and buy her some flowers :)

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