Really insecure about dating this girl, help?

I'm talking g to this girl that I really like. I'm pretty sure that she likes me too. I'm really insecure about us actually dating and not knowing her past. Her ex boyfriend lives in a dorm right across the street from her. I think she still talks to him. She said they dated shortly her senior year and that he's been a good friend for years.

If we go out, and they had anything sexual I will absolutely hate knowing that they still talk.

There's this other guy who could possibly be a new member of my fraternity and come to find out she had something between him. If he gets accepted and they had anything sexual together it will hurt so bad.

I think it's a lot on the fact that she's a very reserved and somewhat shy girl. Knowing that these guys got through to her, whereas I haven't will kill me. Like its a deal breaker and I really do have to know. There's just no good way to bring it up. I've thought about this a lot in the past week and it just keeps coming back. I hate it. What do I do?
I ate with her today and when I went to kiss her she wouldn't let me. We texted later and I told her I felt like I was wasting my time. she said she really has to explain something to me... I'm really worried. She said not to worry.


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  • Damn!!! This is a complicated situation. By the way what a trophy of girl did you find!!! She's getting it on with everyone no bueno


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  • All I read was basically this "I'm not going to date this girl if I find out she banged these two guys, because I have yet to get some from her, and I worry she might go back to those guys"

    First off, why would you give a fuck about those guys? They aren't a threat unless you don't do your job in getting this girl to commit to you. You also need to let go of that ego and stop being possessive, because you aren't worried about her spending time with these guys or falling in love, you're worried about her fucking them again.

    Competing against other guys in attempt to keep a girl faithful, is not a physical competition, it's mental. It's your job to get her to invest in you mentally and emotionally. If you do that, you have absolutely NO WORRIES.