What does this mean? How can this new thing going with distance?

We had sex and hooked up about two and a half months ago. He then asked me on a date after Christmas. We had a lot of fun and then had a second date. We have a lot of chemistry. But I went back to school after the Christmas break so we are now 2 hours apart. I just saw him this weekend and it was little awkward at first but I think it's because we both like eachother. Anyways we ended up being together all night, kissing and sleeping together. I do like him but it is really new but I want to keep things going! What can I do? He's supposed to come visit in two weekends? what can I do to show him I like him and care. What can I say to him so we keep things going? He's not super into texting

I need advice


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  • You guys could Skype, call, & write letter/send each other stuff. You could also surprise each other every once in a while to keep things interesting. (:

  • You can make him breakfast in bed? or offer to make him dinner