Girls, is awkwardness ever attractive?

Think Hugh Grant in four weddings or notting hill... his characters seem awkward yet somehow attractive to the female character. Does that reflect reality at all, or is it just that some guys are good looking enough to compensate for being slightly awkward? (I mean is being awkward ever cute in a good way in a guy.)

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  • Hugh grant offset his awkwardness with intelligence, charm, and a very perceptive mind. He used self deprecating humor effectively. I found him to be adorable. I have never seen a guy behave like that in person. i image it can be cute within reason. Though obviously, awkwardness is less of an issue given how attractive the girl or guy is.


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  • Going to say this straight: Never use movies as learning tools or examples, because they are fictional.

    Some girls get a kick out of awkwardness, find it endearing, cute. A lot of girls however thrive off of confidence, as you can probably tell - as few people are confident these days and a lot of people are looking for someone who will in turn allow them to feed off of that confidence.

    You just have to find the right person.

    • "or examples, because they are fictional." I just thought that was a simple way to convey the type of awkwardness I meant.

      "You just have to find the right person." Well I guess I should try not to seem awkward instead of hoping to meet someone who wouldn't mind.

    • I wouldn't say that. I would say you need to find a person who likes awkward people. Everyone is different and not everyone will like the same things.

  • I can't say I ever found that attractive

    • That's what I would have expected, it's the opposite of confidence.

    • Is it tolerable if he's attractive enough otherwise?

    • Honestly I'd probably friend zone him lol

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