Is it wrong of a couple doesn't know what to talk about with one another?

I have a boyfriend weve been dating for almost two years we dont talk much or " text much " we dont have anything to talk about anymore like we used to. Its boring. We only kiss and cuddle and have sex and do romantic things for eachother.. Is it because we are just over it? Or maybe because we NEVER go out and we stay home all day even when we see eachother? sometimes i think we are totally different and dont like the same things or think the same.. I just dont feel the connection unless he or i do something romantic.. Is this ok? Or is this wrong? I dont even know if i love him

And we are always being jealous about everything eachother does so we argue a lot.. And im the type of person who gets annoyed easy so i give up a lot too. But we always come back to eachother somehow? Im confused


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  • I think you two need to do more activities together, believe me all relationships can get dull and boring if you don't put in the time to try new things together. So do something new with him that you haven't already done before so you can experience it together. Also push the boundaries with him during sex and try new things there as well like; role playing, bondage, toys. .. etc. variety is the spice of life after all. ... enjoy!


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  • its a sign that says that you two need to get a life, u r going to end up hating eachother if you dont change this soon


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