He is taking longer to respond and makes less effort, should I complain or stop answering as well?

So this guy, a friend. have known him for a year. We had a bad phase where he kissed me and then I wanted to see where it would go but he felt like he couldn't give me it since we are in different places in our life. I'm a phd and he is a slacker still stuck in his BSc. I of course didn't care but oh well.. moving on. After a few months we started talking again. This week he has been responding less (we talk every day), I do the same now and use minimal words. But his last response was very dull and I thought should I just say ok don't have to talk if you don't want to. Or should I leave it and leave his last message unanswered? Whats best, to convey it or to just let it go?


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  • What do you want to do? If you feel like it's not that important then let it go but if you think it is then tell him that, complain.

    • i want to say it but i dont want to be a nag and if he doesn't care then shouldn't i just show by my actions that im onto him. so if he wants to then he'll message properly himself. I'm not sure tbh..

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