Question to all the ladies. Please share?

What is the best way to approach a lady, as in letting her know that you are interested and want to take her out on a proper date. And that you're hoping that something more will happen between you two.

And while you are seeing this girl, what are the main things a girl is looking for in a guy that will keep them interested?

I usually don't have trouble picking up girls but keeping one is hard. The longest I lasted with a girl is a month. :(


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  • "Hi, I think you are pretty and would like to get to know you, here is my number. Call me!"

    Keep spontaneity in your life.


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  • If u don't have s problem getting a girl to go out with u, ur approaches are set
    Don't fix what's not broken, leave it alone and stay genuine

    As for keeping, women love challenges and chases, not entirely a game but u have to keep distance and give her space to miss u and want u more.
    The more clingy and attached u are the more bored she my get, women give off signals of how to keep her. She'll let u know. U just have to pick up the signs, it's not that hard.

    Women are not complicated but rather complex
    Don't over text or call, don't suffocate her, don't be sneaky with her, don't come off desperate to her.

    A girl wants to have fun, and if ure not fun she'll lose interest. If u seem like all u have is time for her and nothing else, the thrill dies out. Gotta make her wonder what ure up to and if U have the time in ur busy day for her. Be busy, continue ur schedule as is, and if ure so busy u don't realy have time for her.. Remind her u still think of her, send random flowers or cupcakes to her work. Not everyday just when u haven't really spoken to her