His texts are lame. Should I tell him or stop replying?

We talk every day, today I wrote to him first and he replied normally. He later asked me what i was up to. I told him and made a joke.. to which he said: haha thats funny. He used to be more interesting but he has stopped making the effort.
Anyway should I tell him that he doesn't have to text me if he doesn't want to or should I just leave it and let him come to me (if he does)?


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  • Maybe just give him time and he'll come around? Or if he is lame to his friends over text as well, get one of them to tell him. Guys give each other crap all the time and it would seem normal and get him to think twice about not being interesting


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  • I think you should leave it. I chatted with a guy once and the same thing happened, and he didn't write to me for a week. And then things got back to normal.