What do guys expect girls to look like when they're in their underwear?

Obviously in films/porn girls look incredible naked - toned and slim.
But do you guys expect us all girls to look like this?

I have been seeing someone for 5 months now, and although he has seen every part of my body, - underwear and no underwear - I still worry he is judging me.
I am not fat, I am a normal size 10 with curves in all the right places, but I worry I am being compared to those girls that are shown in movies.
Do guys get turned off when girls aren't a size 6/8? Or aren't toned?

Opinions please!


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  • Even if you aren't toned as long as your not considerably over weight we are attracted to the female body , trust me you look good to us ;)


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  • If I'm into her, I'd be turned on by her. I'm not comparing her to models and celebrities
    I find HER sexy so whatever she's wearing I find her sexy in because of HER

  • It's your personality that matters the most. Good looks don't mean anything without a good heart. Being healthy is always attractive, you don't have to be as slim as a model but you should exercise and eat well.

  • No , I will never campair my girlfriend with movie star, that really stupid, because in the movie we can't see real body of girls...


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