Should I ask him out? I'm so scared?

I think he likes me, I like him... we dont talk that much but i mean he kissed me but that was like 3 months ago and then things have been a bit weird. I kind of avoided him and got super shy, and we went through a lot of gaps in the 4 months that we've known each other so far where we wouldn't talk. The longest being 1.5 months, but in that time he did text me saying he thought of me and then said we should hang out... but i wasn't in town for the week and i haven't heard from him since.

I saw him yesterday, and he offered to drive me home (always offers/drives me home when i see him once a week) and we talked a bit, but we don't know each other that well still. Should i just ask him to hang out soon? I'm so nervous, and I don't know what to talk about with him... but the air between us is different since we're not exactly friends especially with the kiss and all...


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  • If you think its a guy you'd be interested in then yes ask him out

  • Get to know him better. Lol

    • i will only get to see him once a week for an hour tops... i dont know how else i could get to know him better? if i dont ask him out?

    • Yeah then go for it you like him. What could it possibly hurt?

    • Well, rejection or possibly ruining a barely there friendship hahah I don't know i've never done this before i dont know what im doing

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