Thoughs on trying to make contact with this girl who is away at school but know from hometown?

I've know her for a bit and wanted to date her , we've talked on numerous occasions at local bars and such , we didn't know each other at first due to age difference even though its a small town but we've grown to get along and such. but she goes away to college in city an hour away and don't really see much of her when she is there and trying to stay in touch with her but having a tough time. I did add her on Twitter and liked one of her posts but haven't really heard anything from her , I also have her # and though about trying to text her and maybe even see if she wants to hang out or something as I sometimes go to city she goes to college in.
but I worry she's busy with school and doesn't think about some guy she meet back home when she's away.

what are your though's try and text her once and if I don't get a favourable response don't worry about her for time being? the last time we talked was just over 2 weeks ago during holiday break


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  • Yes try it why not if she can't then waitntill she's bk


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