How do I get a boy to like me? What do 7th grade boys like?

I like this guy, and he knows that I do, but I don't know how to make him like me! I NEED HELP!


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  • Honey, number one relationship advice for girls and boys of all ages is to be yourself and have confidence!(: At your age especially over thinking that stuff is easy, but the truth is there's going to be lots of boys so you shouldn't worry yourself over this one!

    • But he is awesome! And I really like him and have liked him for 2 years! And my so called best friend told him and made things award!

    • Girly, if this is ever gonna go anywhere, he was going to have to find out you liked him soon enough (: No worries, that's a good thing. Work it! Just take a deep breath and keep a calm head. Boys aren't worth all the fuss.

    • Thank you! I know that it shouldn't matter, but thank you!

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  • Lol in seventh grade you won't have to do much to impress a guy... just be a girl who likes him lol.

  • They like good grades


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  • Lol in seventh grade liking video games and anime and doing "guyish" things like working out once a week or playing a sport got me attention from the guys I liked. But that's just me and my personality and the guys I had interest in. You're personality can be very different and you're taste can be just as different. Maybe you can message me some more details?