Is this her way of letting me down easily?

A girl in one of my classes said that we should watch one of her favorite movies together. I thought she liked me, considering that we talk a lot and pay a lot of attention to each other. We also have slightly flirtatious text conversations, however don't flirt much in real life. So I tried to set up a time with her to watch the movie this weekend, and I thought I saw her really smile and get excited. I said we should do it on Friday , but she said she had a party that night. She said that she wanted to do it and that she would text me. However, this was earlier today and she hasn't texted me. I'm assuming I'm just overreacting because of a bunch of other stress I've got today, but what do you guys think?


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  • Give her time, let her make the next move and take the lead. If she wants it to happen, she'll make it happen.


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