Guys do you like when a women whine when she misses you? Does that make you feel special?

I have been seeing this guy for 6 months and I like him more and more... feelings are growing. To be honest I wasn't expecting my feelings to grow like that. I know he really likes me. We went through a separation period but we both realize that we felt empty. Well now I get excited each time I see him. I would text that I miss him and send him faces with hearts as eyes... you know what I'm talking about lol... Do you like when a girl text u from time to time that she's thinking of you and want to hug you when u are away? I heard that guys need that even if they don't seem to make a big deal out of it.


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  • I like it from time to time but not every day. As odd as it sounds I don't like to be over saturated with love. I had an ex who would tell me she loved me 50 times a day, after a while it drove me nuts. The type of person I am, I don't like to be told I love you 100 times a day, I rather be SHOWN that I'm loved. It is possible to smoother someone with too much love. But if both of you are on the same page then it's fine


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  • I'm in a long distance relationship and I do that literally everyday. He does it back to me and often expressed how 'heartwarming' it is for him that I think of him so much. I say don't hold back, express your feelings, if he really likes you then he will most likely feel the same way you do.

    • Yea... I told him that to this day I still think of him. I don't tell him every day but I would send him random text about what I plan to do or just a hi and he would reply back hey most of the time. We have busy schedules but we see each other every weekend.