My heart says yes but my mom says no?

I have liked a guy forever (in my last post I was talking about him) and he asked me out. Now I don't know what to do because I am not allowed to date. What should I do?

  • Pretend he doesn't exist
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  • Go behind my parents backs and date him
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  • Talk to him about it
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  • Reason with my parents
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  • I would talk with your parents - they may see things you cannot right now.


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What Guys Said 4

  • You're not allowed to date? How old are you? Your parents must understand that they can't keep you from dating forever. If they don't allow you it'll only make things worse (I know many stories of strict parents that didn't end up well).

    • yes I am 16 and I agree its pretty stupid

    • You're very grown to be allowed to date. You should have your own experiences forever. Try to make them understand that they can't protect you forever and ask them to trust you.

  • You know, there is a funny thing that happens to nearly all of us at some age, we find we don't need to do what our parents say. Just be sure it was not good advise first.

    Remember that love is not magic, it is simply a glue to stick people together long enough to work out our problems. Use common sense.

  • try and reason with your folks, maybe something they know you dont.

  • This topic title makes me lol


What Girls Said 3

  • How old are you?

    If you're over 15 I think that's a reasonable age to date.
    But then again it's not up to me... it's up to your parents.
    You have to follow their rules.
    If you do decide to date him... then hide your relationship!
    You have to grow up sometime.
    How will you ever gain knowledge if you are locked in a closet?
    It's very healthy for you to develop a romantic relationship.
    Your parents are stopping your growth (probably because they fear
    their daughter having sex, getting pregnant, getting hurt, etc.)

    • I suggest talking to your parents about the relationship one last time.
      Reassure them that those things I mentioned are furthest from your mind.

  • My parents weren't cool with me dating at 16 unless they knew the parents of the other kid, if they knew the kid, and they knew exactly what we were doing. I don't think reasoning with them is a good idea, because they've already said no so it's talking back to them.

    I think maybe you should talk to your guy about it and then meet him with a group of friends. Also maybe you could bring him over to help you study and you only do it in the living room or something, but not in your room. You don't have to call it dating because all you want is to hang with him. Do it on your parents unsaid terms, like something academic or school related.

  • Lol I love this title. Um yeah I would either reason with your parents or go behind their back. Just tell them that you're not a baby and that you are going to date him whether they like it or not. You need to start making your own decisions for yourself. :)

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