How do two shy people that like each other break over the friend barrier?

So this guy and I obviously like each other. We act like a couple and don't hide the way we feel when we physically interact. But we just can't say anything about our feelings because we are both so introverted! Can two introverted people be together? I like him so much but i'm too afraid to say anything and he is too. I've only dated outgoing extroverted guys, which made it fine for me not to have to tell the guy how I feel. How do you even do it? We are both freshman in college and i'm worried if I don't say anything soon it will fizzle out. Thanks!


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  • To everyone saying drink alcohol, in today's environment, the guy would be accused of rape. Cut the shit, it's awful advice. I don't allow alcohol in my flat anymore, not going to have it be an excuse for a girl to lie.

    I'd say the two of you just need to realize that introverted doesn't mean insecure and timid. Someone has to be brave and move things forward. If you remain timid and don't take action, you don't get the things you want.

    • Its really simple and easy when you say it like that, but it doesn't feel easy when you actually have to do it. like every time I am going to see him I tell my self, this is going to be the time I just freaking tell him, but I never do

    • It is that simple. And every time you act with bravery, it gets easier to do. Build up your character, put yourself at risk. Good things don't come without effort.

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  • Drink some wine and say it, everything is easier to say when drunk.

    • That's what I was going say...

    • hahaha as much as it pains me to say it. thats actually really good advice, but I would need to drink a lot and I don't want to sound stupid

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  • We never broke that barrier.. and you are right, the feelings will fizzle out.

    What stickstickity said... drink some alcohol and ask him why he's never tried to kiss you.