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There's this guy and we like each other. We hang out sometimes and talk and I think he's sweet. But everyone says I should be cautious of him because he dated many girls before and always left them after like a week. He told me this and he said he didn't want me to hear it from anyone else first. He said he changed. Everyone else tells me every day to not date him. I believe that people can change and that was last year and maybe he's not like that anymore. My friends say to not listen to what they say and not base him off of what they say. They say that I should find out myself bc he may have changed. Is it worth the try? I think if I do go for it, if it happens and he breaks up with me, it's a lesson I will have learned. So thoughts on this?



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  • It's best to listen to their advice. I didn't listen to my friends or family one time and I screwed up big time with the guy and found out he cheated on me the whole time we were together even when he said he loved me. You can find our on your own but realize how much hurt you will be in