okay need like help? lmao?

Okay okay. So like I have a boyfriend but we aren't so exclusive about it.
Me and his friend.
Well. BEST friend.
We were chilling.
Then like I was explaining to him how I needed help picking up my class ranking and he was like: oh I can help, here's my number.
So we exchanged numbers.
My boyfriend was there and was like: ...
So I text his friend to check if the number was legit and we start talking and like he says: I'm gonna give you a nickname.
Which he does.
So I'm starting to think.
Does he like me?
He also tells me hi every morning also which none of my video game guy friends do so?
Help me out.


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  • Guy are funny All I can say is go over and play video games with him and if it turns into more just don't tell your boyfriend about it and if it does turn out he wants what I think he wants just don't tell your boyfriend and maybe you can get a threesome out of ot

  • Yes, he is showing special interest in you.


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