I want a girl who has a boyfriend?

So before you judge me please read. She just recently got into this relationship.
I've also only known her recently, but I think we're a match. We get along so well, and I think she's attracted to me. We've started to workout together at our company's gym and I know she wants me from the way she looks at me and I want her too. She laughs at everything I say. We look into each other's eyes all the time and all...

We're playful and sometimes physical (hugging). I just got her number. How do I go about this? I know I'm a better match for her than her new bf.


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  • Respect the relationship. One of the least attractive things a guy can do is steal or attempt to steal a girl from her boyfriend. Only makes him look desperate and disrespectful.

    • How is it least attractive? And what if you were attracted to the guy?

    • So what, all the guy is doing is showing me he's disrespectful, selfish, self centered, and rude. Those are the true character traits being shown beneath all the claims of "love" and "meant to be"'s.

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  • We all want things but doesn't make us entitled to it all.
    Respect her and the relationship... if it's meant to be it then it will be.
    "If you love her then let her go"

  • You don't proceed.
    It's not fair on her bf.

    How would you like it if you were in his shoes?

    • But I want her and I have a feeling that she wants me too. I can tell. I'm better for her. I just know...

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    • What about Angelina and Brad then? I mean it's an example of a relationship that worked out despite the "cheating" or whatever.

    • You can't compare you and a girl you fancy.
      to 2 multi millionaires who have a back story.

  • Offer her somethings that her boyfriend can't or doesn't have. For example tell her that you are looking for a serious relationship.

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