How to stay loyal to just one girl, While there are so many available chicks out there?

I love a girl and want to spent the rest of my life with her and be loyal to her.
But its almost impossible there are so many available girls out there and many of them even don't care if the guy is single or taken and I can't reject a girl when she makes herself available to me.
Why its so hard to be loyal? Is there anyway to exclusively be with just one girl?


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  • You have to have strong self will. I feel the same as you but I have a choice: be faithful and keep my man, cheat and destroy the person I love and lose them forever. It will happen. She will leave you if you don't stay true. You have to know that as fact in your brain. Don't kid yourself you can get away with it, you can't. If you really loved her then you'd be able to stay true. It might be hard but you'd do it.

    • I don't want to lose her I want to be with her for the rest of my life she is so nice, I try my best to don't hurt her.

    • It's a simple choice: stay faithful or don't. It's that simple. Nothing wrong with a bit of flirting here and there, makes us all feel a bit desired, but don't go any further. You know it would break her heart of you cheated. Could you live with doing that to the woman you love? That's what you need to ask yourself anytime you're tempted.

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  • I don't think it would be fair of you to have a relationship if you're unable to be faithful. Wait until you mature enough.

    • But I love this girl can't wait to be with her.

    • No, you think you love her. If you actually love her, then you won't hurt her. If you can't be faithful, then let her go.

  • Maybe you shouldn't be in a relationship since you're obviously not ready for one.

    • Don't want to miss this girl.

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  • If it's impossible, u shouldn't be in a relationship
    No offense. And I encourage guys to date many women. But date while being single

    Exploring ur options are good, great experience and u'll learn more what type of girl u want.

    But if ure in a relationship and curious about other women, ure not appreciating the girl u have now and that's because u didn't explore enough.

    Once u have explored enough, u'll come to a point u know exactly what u want and when u have it, no other girl draws ur attention away from her

  • Lol, you sound like me years ago. Yes, there are few of ways that people with that mentality can make themselves be exclusive with one partner. the sad part is that most of them, rely on the partner. I think this is a dilemma that many guys and few girls face.

    • You'd be surprised. I've never cheated, but I'm mainly single because of all the temptation and options. I only commit when I'm completely sure I wouldn't be tempted to cheat, and that doesn't happen very often. When I do, I'm loyal to a fault, but it's never easy.

      I do have trouble figuring out though, why this is more common among men than women. Perhaps women get more practice saying "no" than men do? I'm not sure.

    • I think he just means women don't hsve temptation just nests :p

      It's wromg too. Women face it... And face it.

    • @vmw2008 can't say the same for me hon lol, also gotta watch out with that loyal thing, you may not be the cheater but not watching that loyalty could cause someone else to be. and you are right, it ain't easy to duck temptation. Why is it common among men than women? i couldn't find the link to the Take but it basically states mans need to spread their "seed" to as many as possible. also Sex is not the only form of cheating you know. men and women both cheat, but society makes it seem like its only a sexual act that constitutes as cheating. The act in itself signifies the end of the cheating process, not the beginning. It begins Waay before that.

      @Azara are you talking about the question? because i did say that both sides face it :)

  • It's called having a bit of self control and not acting like a piggy when it sees luncheon in its trough.