Is it possible a guy with cancer that is in remission of sorts to find a girl?

I've asked this before, but maybe some new answers would be good.

I was diagnosed many years ago with a cancerous brain tumor, and I have gone through a couple of treatments over the past 8 years and things are stable now. I lost a lot of my vision from radiation therapy, but I am able to do most things aside from working in close proximity of people walking around in the workplace or driving a car.

I've been single for several years, and officially dating for a few months about 9 years ago when I was in my senior year of high school. Soon I will be 27, and most of my friends are in a long-time committed relationship living together. I'm not the hottest guy out there, but I am attractive enough for most anyone. My personality might be a little quirky, but I doubt that's the reason I've been single for so long.

I am just wondering if there's any possible chance at my age, and my medical condition if there's a remote chance of anyone finding me desirable enough to be together for a long time. I can't even remember the last time I've felt any romantic affection with someone, and I'm quite hopeless it will ever happen.

Years ago, I tried the online dating thing with some success. But after we got together a few times and they found about me having cancer, even though it's under control, they leave me because they are scared they would lose me in the future and would rather cut it off before any strong feelings started. They were pretty young obviously, but over the past 3 years there has only been a couple meaningless hookups with me pretty much giving in to their need for a fix. I kind of wish it never happened, but I'm just so desperate it's killing me.

So does anyone think it's even possible for anyone to want to spend a long time with someone that has issues like that, or should I just accept the fact I could possibly spend the remainder of my life which would likely be a bit shorter than a perfectly healthy person?

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  • I'm 23. I was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder when I was 20. For over a year I couldn't walk and I was basically getting by taking so many pain killers that I wasn't sure what was worse- the chronic pain I have to deal with for the rest of my life or the side effects from all the meds and treatments. Eventually, I started to get my life back on track and back to walking. Some days are still hard but now people can't tell I'm sick when they look at me. I eventually met this guy and we became very close friends. He was always there to support me and push me to do things that made me happy before I was diagnosed - even when I was scared to fail. When I had a feeling he maybe liked me, I confessed my chronic illness to him. He still stayed by my side. I wanted him to know before anything could happen in case it was a deal breaker. It took a months but he confessed his feelings because we were still able to have fun together. He admitted he was scared I wasn't someone for the long run and I asked him if things got bad would he stay or want out? I told him I don't live for the future as I want to enjoy the present with everything I am capable of right now. I told him that this disease doesn't define who I am or how I choose to live my life. It's a part of me but only a part. If he was willing to accept all of me - the good and the bad - then why let something stop us from enjoying life in the present? Yes it's a gamble, even if ur in remission u still don't know what will happen but that's why we need to live to the fullest. I had doubts at first but I think the right person will accept u no matter what. No one is perfect and we all have our own "flaws" but I find that if we get past them and not allow them to take control of our lives and the happiness we deserve, we become much stronger. I didn't have much will to live until I met him n spent a year trying to be better and now we are happily in a relationship. Stay in there and don't give up. It's possible!

    • I meant to say * HANG in there not stay in there lol. Also I suggest you watch the show "The hours of my life" it's a short Japanese drama subbed by drama fever. It's about the struggles of a dying ALS man and love. But it's his outlook on life that really inspired me.

  • Well you sound like a good guy so I'll say yes I. had stage 2 blood cancer but also I'm also in remission and I've never worried if I will find someone I know he is somewhere out there I'm just waiting patiently for him im 29


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