Is it true what he told me or just an excuse?

My bf and I have been dating for over a year. Our one year anniversary was in August. I moved in with him basically right away as he is the one who asked me. I think it was to soon but I can't go back and change that now. It seems like ever since around our 1 year anniversary sex and cuddling decreased. I have asked him a few times if he has cheated on me or anything. And he always says no. I have asked if he wanted to take a break or me to move out for awhile but he says no. Last night I asked again why we never do it cuz it has now been a week. He said because that's what happens when your married. I said were not married cuz there is no ring on my finger. But it does feel like we are married because I moved in so soon it feels like we have been dating longer. And we fight like a married couple. But is it true what he said about that's why the sex has decreased even though we are not technically married but it feels like it? Or is he just using that as an excuse?


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  • What he said is not true. He's straying, been with my husband going on 4 years, married almost 2 & we still go at it almost daily unless one is ill or not feeling well. What does your gut tell you? It's almost never wrong. Look deeper into him, you didn't know his character when you moved in, now you're seeing it.

    • Well he is usually tired or says it is because I fight with him to much so he doesn't want to. My gut thinks he has but only because I have been cheated on before in past relationships. My bf and I have only been apart for 3 or 4 nights since we been dating. But he is gonna be gone in march one weekend and then another weekend in March for fishing. So I think it will do us good to have time apart as well.

  • I think he's bored tbh. Try to do something to spice it up.

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