Do I have a chance with this girl or am I just friendzoned?

I met this girl a few weeks back while having a meeting at work. our companies had a collaboration for an event so thats why we had this very rare meeting.

first time i met her she wasn't the talkative type, and the shy type of girl. after a while we got to know each other from then on little by little. but not really face to face. like we tweet each other often and comments from fb etc.

what got me thinking was her tweets to me like:
"when are you gonna take me out for ice-creammm"
"you're so cute"
"i went to your office but didn't see you"
also pretending we got married (kiddish i know hahha)

and also her occasional hearts emoticons lol which i did a bit of stalking her profile recently. and basically i'm the only person who gets these hearts emoticons. (ok a bit lame stalking i know haha)

the icecream convo went like:

her "when are you gonna take me out for ice-creammm"
me "how to take you out if you never visit my office haha"
her "ok i'll visit you and you have treat me some greentea flavor :) hahah"
me "let's go next friday!"

then she doesn't like reply which got me confused was she just playing wit ma emotions? LOL
could it be she's shy (last time in person meeting she was really shy as in not talkative) ? dont want me? just playing with me?

i've only asked her out once though lol (ice cream as above) maybe she didn't think i was serious? ugh haha. judging from her social media, she doesn't go out much and she isn't going out with any guy. at most with her girl friends. that's it.

soo chance? no chance? friendzone? fml


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  • You lack details. Maybe she wants to be close to you first?


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