Would you say that being the "curious" type would help or hinder you in a romantic relationship?

I am extremely curious I tend to ask a lot of questions and there isn't much I don't want to try at least once. Would this help or cause problems? Haven't been in a relationship before so any advice is welcomed. I don't know anything lol

I was being pushy yesterday trying to convince her to try new things, safe to say she's probably pissed at me now lol


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  • It honestly really depends on the open mindedness of the girl and how strong you guys relationship is. You don't want her to feel jealous in a situation because that could definitely cause problems so I say just say wait until you really have stability in the relationship before you start presenting your ideas but an adventurous relationship so to speak is a good one I think. :) just don't push her and you should be good ^.^

  • Help but font push it if the girl dont like it


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