Why am I so weird when it comes to this?

22 never had a bf, always been independant and done everything alone and worked hard in order to get where i am today, go to work and college.

I can't imagen myself being in a relationship and having that special someone to share a life with. Looking at others who do have a bf or gf.. how do they do it?

Im so use to taking care of only me and the tought of having to think about someone else and their needs is so odd to me, i dont think im going to be good at this thing called relationship and marrige etc.
Am i scared? I have only grown up with a single mother and brother, never met my dad, always felt i was not good enough


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  • Don't worry about anything. There is a right time, when it comes you will have what you need.
    You will be happier. Never let anything to make you down.


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  • Try getting a bf and you'll see how fine and easy it is than it looks

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