I dont understand this guy's behavior?

my ex reached out to me a few months ago practically begging me to talk to him again and for us to work on being friends. i thought that it wasn't a bad idea, so i let him back into my life.

worst idea ever. he hardly ever texts me. if he does, our conversations are literally a minute long, and sometimes he doesn't even respond back. when we're on the phone, all he talks about are what he wants to buy online. he doesn't ask me how my day went or cares to know anything about whats going on in my life. he asked if we could start hanging out, and i said ok. he said lets watch a movie, but we didn't watch one. we just laid in his bed and started making out then i went home. i talked to him yesterday on the phone, and i told him i felt like we weren't really anything right now, and that im confused as to what we're doing. he just said "i dont know". i asked him to please elaborate on what he doesn't know, and he said "i don't know my head is just mush right now". so then i said, ok well can we actually hang out this week, like go somewhere? and he said he's extremely busy and he doesn't know when he can see me. i got kind of upset and i told him well i guess we'll just not see each other anymore and be out of each others lives. he freaked out and said he wants to go to bed, so i said bye. he got mad that i didn't say goodnight, so he says "why can't you say it nicely?" and the conversation went on for 5 minutes and he admitted that he was freaking out and i asked him if he wanted me to come over, and he hung up. hasn't talked to me since. what the heck...


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  • I think I'm sort of in the guy's shoes so maybe we can help each other. If I'm understanding this properly he seems conflicted with you, as I am in my situation. He likes being around you but something is keeping him from being with you. In my situation I got fed up because she finally did too much for me to tolerate even as friends. So I decided it was better for us not to talk. I tried to fix it a couple of times after but to no avail. Did he have any specific complaints?

    • He doesn't complain. If he could tell me what the issue was, I'd be happy, but he won't even tell me what the problem is!

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    • yes. i said "why do i feel like you're pushing me away?" his response "i dont know" me: "well, we don't really hang out or talk much anymore, do you feel like you need some space?" him "no, i dont think so. you just need to relax"

    • You should be more direct and ask him if something about you is bothering him.

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  • Because he played with your emotions and heart to get what he wanted. Don't even respond to anything he has to say such ignore


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  • Thats why I always say they're an ex for a reason.


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