Should I confront, what do you think?

I feel like the guy I have been dating for 6 months now doesn't really accept me for who I am. I am kinda overweight but not obese, 62 kg. However, he is not ok with this and though he has never outright said something insulting relating to this issue, it is clear and I can tell he does not like me to be at this weight or eat when we go out. One time for his birthday we went out with his family to a buffet and I didn't take a lot of food or dessert, but my plate was kinda filled with grilled meat (I have anemia) so when I brought my plate over to the table his sister kinda gave a bad look and him & his dad kept looking several times. I felt uncomfortable and bad, a day that I am supposed to be celebrating and happy, I couldnt feel that way. Now when I think of it, I dont even feel comfortable ever eating in front of him or his family again. I feel like they think bad stuff of me just because of this. He himself is not chubby, he is lean, toned. What do you think

i feel like going anorexic to show them what I am capable of. But Im not too healthy now either


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  • You say you feel the guy doesn't accept you for who you are. Are you sure this is a fact? Or just a belief you have? you dont say he's said anything to you, but seem to be basing it on your instinct, right? You say when you went out to dinner people were giving you weird looks. How do you know they were thinking doing it based on what you were eating? It sounds like you're like me, you think everyone is out to get you and is talking about you when in actuality they aren't. I wouldn't assume anything until you have proof that he thinks this way. It just might be your insecurities talking to you.


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  • Well i think he is kind of an asshole. You should just tell him: "I feel like you don't accept me because i'm over-weighted". And if he answer something like: "You should try to lose some weight" you should break up with him because you are beautiful just the way you are.


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  • Did you gain weight over the course of six months? If so, I can see why he feels that way.
    You are no longer the woman he was attracted to.

    IF you were always like this, then he entered into the relationship feeling more attracted to your personality than looks.
    I can't really say anything negative about him because he hasn't put you down.

    But I know it must feel awful feeling as if your man isn't fully attracted to you.
    Do you want to lose weight and make a change?
    You have to want it yourself before anything.
    If you want it for him then chances are you will be less committed to losing the weight (and won't progress very far).

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