How should I act if my dad is going to talk to my bf for the first time?

Today is a big day, because my dad and my bf are going to meet in person but i dont know how to act in front of them two. I would like to impress my bf but at the same time i want to be naturally attractive. What can i do?


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  • Let me suggest this. You stage the whole thing. Tell you BF how it's gonna go down. While the two of them are together you're gonna stand with your dad or sit nearest to him facing your BF. Your body language will say "I'm daddy's girl."
    This will give reassurance to your dad that even though you're with your BF more than him, you still defer to your dad.
    To be naturally attractive wear a minimum of makeup and somewhat nicer than usual but still modest clothing.

  • be yourself... your father understands that your changing and if it was me meeting a girls father i would understand why she was nervous too so just dont be too over the top i guess but im sure your dad was in the same situation once so he understands


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