Why should I bother asking another girl out on a date?

Simply put, been there done that, got my heart broken more than once by the same person by others etc. etc. etc.

I stopped feeling the need or wanting to be with a girl. I stopped chasing, heck I even stopped looking every time I pass a beautiful woman. If I see them coming toward me, I look the other way or just simply ignore their smiles or flirting expressions.

I can predict what some of the answers on here will be so if you can too then please come up with something neither of us would ever think of answering or heck answer with a question I don't mind. Give me something to think about or debate about, whatever.

If you've been in the same situation then please let me know how you got out of your rut or why you are still in it. I'm open to all answers, remarks, questions, anything really.


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  • im in the same situation. its just I'm way too picky with girls, I'm looking for one whos perfect who ill be happy dating and the problem is ever girl I fall for, she doesn't have the same feelings. I guess the only thing that keeps me going is I know there is that one perfect girl out there who will make all the pain worth it when we finally date.

  • Obviously there was something you wanted from your previous relationships but couldn't find. Have you stopped believing what you’re looking for is really out there or have you just given up looking?