Do you usually first become friends before dating or vice versa?

Some of my friends are dating guys that they haven't really spoken much to, like around half a year or so...

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  • Never ever date someone who you aren't friends with first. When you fight what will you be able to fall back on to correct the issue? Nothing.

    You don't need to be like bestest best friends since you were knee-high to a grasshopper or anything, but you should be friends. But not like fake friends that are only friends because one party wants to get with the other so they fake this friend business to skip ahead.

    Some friendships develop faster than others. You can meet someone on Monday and by Tuesday be long lost best friends who never met and by next week Thursday you can be boyfriend and girlfriend.

    Or you can meet someone in like 9th grade, be friends but not best friends all through high school and start dating summer after graduation.

    Just know what track you're on. If you're on the meet in 9th grade one don't go thinking you can just jump ahead and date. You need the time for your relationship to develop.

    And people wonder why it's so difficult to find someone to be in a relationship with :p Timing is everything.

    • "You can meet someone on Monday and by Tuesday be long lost best friends who never met and by next week Thursday you can be boyfriend and girlfriend." - Lol, That was kind of how my boyfriend and I got together. We didn't know each other for long, but the first night we met, we talked about anything and everything. A week and a half later we started dating. I know some people may say that we are rushing into things and maybe we are, but I know one thing. From the moment I met him, we just clicked and it was/IS so easy to talk to him. I never feel like there is nothing to talk to him about. I usually only crush on guys that I have been friends with for at least 6 months to a year, but with him it was different. I never jump into relationships and this is my first time doing so. It's working out quite well. Everyone is different with how they get together. Timing really is everything.

    • That's how I met my boyfriend too. It took us 5 years to start dating but if other factors (parents) didn't have a say we would have started dating like a week after meeting lol

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  • I say, get to know each other even if it's just for a week. Sometimes you have to jump into things and take a chance and other times you need to take it slow. It's different for everybody. To me, when I meet someone and we hit it off and I already have in my mind that I want to see that person again (whether it be a boy or girl) I already determine that they are my friend. It doesn't take me long to label someone as a friend. I knew my bf for a week and a 1/2 before we started dating and during that week we both considered each other as friends whenever we spoke about each other to other people. So technically he was my friend first before we started dating despite the short time that we had known each other. So friends first is what I say, but it doesn't mean you have to be friends for a long period of time.

  • I'd would u say start out as frieands first before u date a guy and then get to know the guy

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