How to go about remaking a dating site profile , current one doesn't seem to work?

I've had it for a while and previously tried to re-make it a few months ago than sort of stopped using the site but want to give it another try. but really unsure how to rewrite the about me and what I should focus on and what I should not include as part of a dating profile?

I'd like to write an about me that was short and to the point , basically says I want to date and eventually want a relationship and show potential girls I'm a nice guy worth there time. the profile I had before for whatever reasons was not doing that and maybe turned them off for some reason or just didn't make sense


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  • I think elements of a good profile that gets responses are basic but not necessarily easy to pull off, not the first time anyway.
    This is what worked for me.
    Pics that highlight your personality, not your muscles.
    A profile that's more a conversation than a statement, that gives them something unique to wonder about with a little humor.
    You're also putting something in it about yourself that they may have common ground to make starting a conversation less awkward.
    Only half the work is done once you have a good profile. Now you need some special to read it.
    Getting a response from sending them a message instead of waiting for them is probably mandatory. The headline of that message has to stand out so they will read it and want to see your profile. Make it about what's in their profile or something crazy like "Do you like milk?" They wade through many more emails than us. They need to be curious about yours. They click on it, get curiouse, look at your profile and voilà.


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  • One suggestion would be to post your "about me" on GAG, anonymously, and see how everyone can help you. I'm sure you would be pleasantly surprised with the feedback you receive.

    • That's a good idea. I'm a writer and I would critique it with the hindsight of also having struggled with the same thing, as I'm sure many of us have.

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    • ( here is some of what I have so far any thoughs? , I'm trying to avoid talking about my lack of experience with relationships and sex. and trying to come across as fun and open minded. )

      I’m looking for a mutually loving relationship but realise to get there you have to meet new people , go on dates , take chances and put yourself out there. I think dating should be fun and want to find fun things we can do together beyond just having dinner and a movie. I want to find a way to make every date enjoyable and memorable for us.
      There are so many interesting young singles out there and I’m looking for someone who has a nice personality , fun to be around , has similar goals in life and genuinely wants to get to know me. but I realise this is online dating and your just reading my profile and we don’t know each other . I’m the kind of person who is willing to put in some effort to get to know people who I find interesting.

    • ( here is another paragraph got cut off was too long , trying to come across as someone who'd try new things as some of my interests may not appeal to certain girls like outdoors / fishing stuff )

      I’m from a small town and my interests are what they are and realistically don’t expect to find someone with exactly the same interests. but I’m the kind of person who is open minded and willing to try new things. I work full time at a small manufacturing company and haven’t been able to make dating as much of a priority as I would of liked. And feel online dating may be an opportunity for me to change that.

  • To be honest the profile doesn't do much as females get swamped by males on dating sites.
    Just make sure you have decent pictures.