Are we dating or just 'hanging out'?

This guy i met once at college randomly messaged me on Facebook and asked me out for a drink. I accepted but it never happened because we were both busy at the time. Then about a month ago he popped up again saying 'Hypothetically, what would you say if i asked you to go to the cinema with me?', i replied saying 'sure, what's on?' and we both met up but ended up spending the evening in a bar telling stories and making jokes, i also got quite drunk and he payed for a taxi home for me. We've hung out four times now and we get along really well, i feel really comfortable around him and he's already planning the next 'date'. When we hang out he always pays for everything (despite me refusing) and treats me like a lady. He always makes sure i get home safe. He calls me 'darling' a lot. We talk online everyday and they're really long messages, he even messages me whilst he's at work. When we hang out he teases me a lot and pokes me sometimes. One time i was walking down some stairs behind him and he reached behind with his hands and grabbed my legs and squeezed them playfully (i was wearing skinny jeans). Another time as i reached over to grab his beanie hat he gently put his arm around my waist. He rested his head on my lap one time when he was stoned and let me give him arm and head scratches / massages, he also tries to get me to share his food. Another time i held onto his arm as we were walking across ice and he said it was 'kinda cute'. He gives me subtle compliments, i. e. he said my glasses make me look pretty and asked why i don't wear them more often. We've hung out with his friends and i get along with them, but he acts different to when we're alone. Thing is, he hasn't kissed me yet and when i go to hug him he gives me a sort of one armed 'bro hug', like he's afraid to touch me. We lock eyes a lot and i can feel the chemistry. I'm 18 and he's 21, i'm just surprised he hasn't initiated anything sexual. Is he playing it cool or does he just want to be friends?


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    Just add fucking and you're his girlfriend, okay? There's no way he just wants to be friends.


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  • He likes you, but if he didn't ask you to be his girlfriend or vice versa then you are not dating


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  • He likes you , maybe he wants to treasure you


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