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back in sept a guy approached me and we had a lot in common. i gave him my number and later that day he texted me saying that he shouldn't have approached me since he was kinda in one but that he really wanted to for a couple weeks now. anyways, i told him im not getting involved but if he saw me around campus he could say hi. so everytime he saw me he'd sit down and chat for a bit. we just clicked and he knew it. he broke up with her to date me, but realized he wasn't ready so we never dated. he really wanted to see what it was between us and so did i and after a month of me staying away i decided to just see what was htere. he'd drive 30 mins to come watch a movie at 10:30pm and he was even willing to just be friends. anyways, we ended up making out but we wouldn't go further cuz he was actually heading away for 4 months within the next few weeks so he didn't want to start something and he also knew he wasn't ready to give me what i deserve and want in a guy but that he wishes he was. we decided to stop communicating, whcih didn't work and we were going to see each other the day before he left, but he freaked out cuz he thought it would make things confusing. he admited that we would be dating if he wasn't leaving and that we would be good together, but that our timing was off. i asked him if he really thinks we'll be together at some point or if im wasting my time waiting for him? and he couldnt just say its never going to work. he said that maybe we can see where were at when he returns. do you think he will contact me when he comes back? and if he does do you think i should let him back into my life? i dont think he expected to have feelings for two girls at the same time so it probs freaked him out. and worst part is that i truly miss him and i have no idea if he feels the same. i haven't spoken to him or seen him in a month and im worried he's going to meet someone while he's away and then ill never get to be with him.



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  • You shouldn't wait for him. But if he comes back and the timing is right I'd definitely give it a chance.

    • thats what im trying to do. i went through the denial stage where i didn't believe he left, now im just getting over withdrawl and missing him. im trying to go out every week so that i can meet new men and move on. not as a rebound necessarily since i dont hook up with guys at bars, but just to get out there.

      my friends think he'll try to contact me when he comes back. what do you think?

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    • ya we did have a connection but i think it also freaked him out. i could tell he was more than physically attracted to me (even though he made it quite clear that he found my eyes intoxicating and my body flawless haha) but it was in the way he kissed me and in his eyes. he wanted to make me feel good and guys on the rebound dont think like that. its just hard becasue i know he cared about me, but he was not willing to accept it. there is nothing worse than meeting the right person at the wrong time

    • Can't agree with you more

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