Should I date this guy and go against my parents?

Ok so there's this guy who I'm pretty sure likes me. He invited me to subway with him after practice one day (I know this sounds stupid but when you're a swimmer subway after practice is the best thing anyone could do for you) and he also high fives me or puta his arm on my shoulder when he sees me and asks me how I am. One time he also had me squirt his water into his mouth (I was told that meant a guy liked you I don't know if it's true). There's only one problem: he's a senior and my mom doesn't trust him. She forbids me to go anywhere with him and she says I shouldn't get and the car with him (he doesn't drink or anything don't worry she just doesn't trust him). I really like this guy and I want something to happen. So mext time he asks me to go somewhere should I go against my mom and say yes and be a little sneaky? Or should I try to convince her more that it's ok and he will be safe with me. She also thinks I will get a bad rep if I date him even though he isn't the player type. What do I do?

Also he has met my mom and my mom likes him as a person but she doesn't like the idea of us dating I guess. It's weird...


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  • Going against her isn't something nice to do. I recommend you to ask her to trust you and trust the education she provided you so far. He can't hold you forever. She must understand that this will happen sooner or later. Forbidding always makes things worse.

    • Yea I really don't want to forbid her and I've tried talking to her and tellin her he's not bad but she just doesn't want to hear it :(

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    • Good luck then!

    • Thanks!

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  • Your mom has always looked out for you. She has also been around a lot longer and has seen a lot of people. She knows who is good and bad a lot better than you would. Trust her and her instincts. Even if she is wrong, which I doubt, younwill hurt your relationship with her. You will be with her for many, many years to come and that guy will only be around for a small fraction of that time. Listen to mom.

    • Okay that's a good way to put it! Thanks for the advice

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    • nothing would happen. guy I'm with is the grandson of a pastor.😛. he has no stds. i picked the purest of them all. I'm smart

    • i know what I'm doing

  • You squirt water in his mouth? That means you like him. Him high 5 you and put his arm around you? Subway? Dont friends do that? Lol I say introduce him to your mom. Because mothers do have more dating experience.

    • I don't know I guess friends do all that but he also does a lot of other stuff like staring at me, sometimes walking between classes when our schedules meet up, he plays on my phone a lot, he talks to me a lot, and he doesn't do all of these thing with other girls either... But back to your advice, he has already met my mom and my mom likes him as a person, but doesn't trust him to date me or something like that.

  • You might think this is a stupid advice but why don't you ask him what he thinks about it?
    I had a similar situation with my ex-girlfriend.

    Maybe you could even arrange a meeting if you manage to convince your mother into it.
    Talking with each other is a very powerful tool.


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