Should I play the game right back?

So I'm going out Friday night with my girls to our bar that we always go too. It's pretty sad because we are becoming regulars there. Anyway I met a guy whose friends with a mutual friend of mine. Things were great, I thought he actually wanted to date me and see how it goes. Turns out I was wrong, and it was all a game.

Anyway last weekend I saw him there, and things were weird. It was pissing me off because I hate how he is when he is hammered. He is a completely different person. Anyway he was all over girls that night, and coming back to me and kissing and hugging me. Then I don't even know what happened because this week he told me that I needed to "chill out" and that "we are just having fun."

I told him "whatever, you need to respect me, this isn't my fault." So we hung out after that and he apologized to me because he was drunk and so forth. We haven't talked in two days... and honestly I don't mind because if he wants to come to me, he can. I'm not going to waste my time anymore. Even though I'm going to a EDM show with him and my brother and my crushs friends, so lets see how that goes.

Anyway I found out that my crush will be at the same bar Friday . Our friends band is playing so it will be fun... So should I ignore my crush and see what happens when I'm there and just have a good time. OR what if he dances with other girls again and comes over to me back and forth, should I play the game right back and see what happens?

Because at this point if he tells me "we are just having fun" again I might lose it. I get it, I was played by him, and I will move on. But I rather have him as a friend then nothing, because when he isn't drunk or in this mood, he is a great person to be around.

Its funny how things were so amazing in the beginning, then in a second everything changes... and I don't know why


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  • games are bullshit unless u know how to do them right but in situation I'd say just ignore him and cut him out of your life if he truly cares he'll get his shit together. If not girl u lost yourself a problem go out n love your life because u deserve better


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  • I think you deserve better ๐Ÿ’ if he gets drunk and dances with other girls when you're there then he doesn't care about you ๐Ÿ’ and imagen what he does when your NOT there๐Ÿ˜ด but maybe you should just be his friend