Females, what are some of the honest reasons you reject a guy or feel disinterested in him?

For me…
1. No physical attraction.
I don’t believe in that ‘preference’ BS because it genuinely feels unintelligent, foolish, and premature. Life has so many delightful varieties that to have preference is to be close-minded and close yourself off to them and for me, that just feels like a habit I got rid of when I left high school. Yet sometimes, I just might not be physically attracted to a guy not because he “inherited the wrong traits” but because he just doesn’t entice my physical senses.
2. Bad Approach: A guy’s approach can turn me off instantly. I don’t care how hot he is! If he gives me a pervy look or undresses me with his eyes, then he’s dismissed instantly. Disrespectful guys don’t get my time.
3. Bad vibes: Sociopath charisma, fake vibes, insincere vibes, shady vibes, sneaky vibes…I trust my intuition.
4. Reminds me of a younger version of my dad. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dad to death and he is an amazing father! However, he was a leader in two of our nation’s major international wars making him suffer from PTSD. There was this one guy who was a really cute, charming marine but he freakishly reminded me of my father’s ugly, vicious side. Pass.
5. Too forward. If he’s too pushy about being romantic/dating, I find it to be SO annoying. He’s putting too much pressure on a seed of a connection for it to become something romantic and that’s just a pain in the butt to be honest.
6. Spends excessive time on social media.
I’ll think he has no life and that’s a turn off. If he sits around on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram socializing all the time then it makes me think he doesn’t know how to have good time or he’s too obsessed with getting likes and attention. If he’s one of those guys who posts relationship memes all the time, then I’ll think it’s pathetic
7. Large Sexual Number: This disgusts me. A public toilet might be clean but do I really want to lick it after it’s been exposed to all of those other bodily fluids? Hell no.

How about you? Guys feel free to answer as well. Post anonymously if it makes you more comfortable : )


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  • Well I usually reject guys because I don't know them, if we're not friends first and don't know each other who do you know we're gonna get along?
    I would say something about physical attraction, but I've had guys who at first I didn't really feel anything about how they looked but I became attracted to them after I got to know them.

    But what makes me disinterested in guys are;
    1- Overly nice guys who suck up to me or seem to idolize me. (Compliments are good, but I like mean teasing)
    2- More emotional than me, I have pretty good emotional control and guys who are more emotional would annoy and wear me down after awhile.
    3- A party animal or really outgoing guy who always wants to do something, I'm introverted so I don't want to go out and party much, usually I only party and such when its what my friends want to do and I want to hang out with them.
    4- Hates Anime, I love anime and while I don't expect everyone to love it, the guy hating it wouldn't go well with me.
    5- Too perverted, while I am human and have interest in sexual things, I don't have any interest in having sex with anyone who I don't trust. Also I'm old fashioned in that regard, having sex with someone only happens when I love that person.

    I'm sure I have more things that I can list cause I'm pretty picky but those are the basics for me.


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  • 1.) Lack of education I don't look down at this, I just know our worlds are too different for it to work out. I see it with my friends all the time.
    2.) Displayed irresponsibility.
    3.) Close-mindedness. Once dated a guy who had a large Confederate flag on his wall. I have no issue with the flag itself, it is a part of American history. But he displayed it for other reasons which he expressed. I ended things very quickly after my first visit to his apartment.
    4.) Bad vibes
    5.) Smell. I once stopped dating this guy because his natural smell repulsed me. It wasn't a bad smell, it wasn't a body odor, or anything like that. It's weird I know, and I don't have an explanation. I couldn't stand his cum on me either even though there wasn't anything actually wrong with it. My theory is there was something about his genetics that wouldn't have worked with mine and my body could tell. It's a shame, he was a really good and nice guy that I otherwise enjoyed spending time with.
    6.) Bad friends. I hated his friends, didn't want to be anywhere near them. But I wouldn't ask someone to give up their friends for me. It made the most sense to end things before either of us were invested.
    7.) Disrespectful to others. You might be nice to me, but if you aren't nice and respectful to the waiter or waitress, you're not actually a nice person and it is only a matter of time before you treat me or my loved ones like that.
    8.) Bad tipper
    9.) If my dog doesn't like you or if you don't like her or animals in general. There is just something weird about a person that doesn't appreciate animals. Animals also are very good at seeing through the fake. My dog likes everyone: if she doesn't like you, something is seriously wrong.
    10.) If you don't like small children. Same thing as the animals.

    I didn't realize I was this picky.

  • Constantly talking about an ex! While I don't mind some background info (in fact, it sometimes helps to have an understanding of his past so you can understand some of the weird/quirky things he does), we don't need a full bio of her life. It is both obsessive and inappropriate and makes me feel like either I have something to live up to or like you're not over her yet.

    • Awwwh yeah, if he keeps talking about her that means she’s CONSTANTLY on his mind which typically means he’s just not over her. : / Best to stay away from people who aren’t over their exes because you’ll become a rebound by nature. Not a good feeling!