Is being shy a lost cause when it comes to dating?

I have no dating experience, guys never flirted with me, and i went through the whole low self-esteem issue during high school, and still am once in a while. I'm now a first year college student, and currently am in a weird situation with a guy who seems to actually like me back. But he's also shy and inexperienced.

It's been 4 months, and basically it's been mixed signals galore due to me being shy and him not being consistent? And a lot of gaps where we didn't keep in touch, but when we see each other in person it's like the air is different between us and i don't know what to do. He's kissed me (first month of meeting), asked me to hang out (i wasn't in town for the week - so he replied w/ "another day then :)" but that was weeks ago ), and he's always driving me home when i do see him once a week.

I saw him for the first time in a month last week, and i still like him. He drove me home, and i was about to ask him to hang out but chickened out. Why am i so scared of getting close to him?


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  • The answer to your question is in your first paragraph. Your scared because this is new to you. New things scare people, and that's okay! But the only way to overcome our fears is to jump right into them! :)

    • would you consider the gaps of no talking (the most being a month) normal? Like he has my number, but never texts me except for those few times where he said that he thought of me and said that it's been awhile. Or should i ignore the whole texting and messaging aspect since it seems like he isn't much of a social media user?

    • Some people just aren't into technology when it comes to socializing. He seems like the type that doesn't text much or use social networking sites so I wouldn't worry about that. And a month seems a little long but you both seem pretty shy and new to this so it's understandable. So when is the last you two have seen each other/spoken/texted?

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