She said she likes me but wants to get to know me better?

I started talking to this girl about six weeks ago. It's all gone really well and there is a lot of chemistry. But tonight I told her I like her and she replied saying that she likes me too and "thinks I'm really cool and that she gets really nervous around me" but would want to get to know me better before jumping into a relationship.

Are responses like this legitimate or are they just really polite rejections?


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  • This sounds exactly like what I just told a guy I'm seeing, and I really like him, so I don't think it's a rejection at all. You even said “there’s a lot of chemistry and it’s going well”. This is probably scary to her and she doesn’t want to move too fast. I’m not kidding when I say I’m literally going through this right now and it terrifies me how good it’s going that I don’t want to get my hopes up or have too high of expectations, so she is probably just letting you know that she wants to continue seeing you but that it’s still early and she wants to know you better. That is GOOOD!!!

    • I really appreciate this. I figured the same thing but there was that hint of doubt in my mind. Like if she was really rejecting me, I guess she would've only said, "I'd like to know you better" rather than adding the extra details with it and saying she liked me too. So reading your comment was really reassuring. So do you thing the best thing to do now would be to just maintain the way things are going and try to just let it fall into place?

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    • *the best
      Not "besy" haha

    • Haha sounds good. I've actually already talked to her a bit today and as far as I know, we're supposed to hang this weekend. Thanks stpeh618 ~

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  • If she gets nervous around you, she likes you. She just might not want to rush into things because she's scared it might fall apart before it starts. That means she really thinks the relationship you two have is going really good. You should keep talking to her, it'll probably go somewhere really great.


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  • I wouldn't date someone after knowing them only 6 weeks.