Guys dont notice me?

I try my best to be attractive and i have a great personality but im quiet for the most part and keep to myself. Plus im sorta insecure. Sometimes i feel like if a guy ever really asked me out i would think somethings wrong with him because why would he want me instead of other girls. I know its not a good thing but im just not sure how to change my way of thinking... Im afraid to flirt with guys because i dont wanna be the girl the guys make fun of for being desperate
by the way I've never had any relationships with anyone which mskes it even harder.


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  • Before anyone else gets here, I am going to be clear.

    Do not weigh your self esteem, self worth, or anything based on if boys/men like you.

    That does NOT matter. You aren't ready for a relationship anyways, let me make that clear. You cannot be in a healthy relationship with such negative thinking. No guy is suddenly going to make you change your mind if he shows you attention, but I think you know that. You have to work on you, your self worth, and your ideals before you consider getting into a relationship. Being insecure and down on yourself creates a very unfair relationship: unfair for you because you're not totally happy, and unfair for him because he can't make you feel worth it no matter how much he believes you are.

    Worry on discovering yourself, work on what matters to you and perhaps find some outlets of other people who may be able to help you. Hell you can message me if you want if you need someone to talk to about it. Just please, please, do not ever feel bad about yourself because you don't get male attention. It is more likely that your shy and insecure demeanor shows more than you know, and some guys just don't look for that. There's nothing wrong with being shy, by the way, you just have to find a guy who likes girls like that.


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  • Well being flirty doesn't come off as desperate
    It just means ure flirty and social.
    And ure still young. Lucky for u, we're over populated with men lol.. So there is a type for everyone. U just have to be patient, someone may already have a crush on u and u haven't noticed. Guys are just as shy as u are and just as insecure

    • I dont think anyone does

  • "I try my best to be attractive " <----- this

    try to embrae yourself, and be confident instead of trying to be... more attractive. that's why guys avoid you i guess!

  • Honest question, are you genuinely hot? I have seen a lot of very attractive girls go without dates because guys are intimidated and feel they have no chance. Is this the case?

    • I don't know but tbh i dont think if i was intimdatingly pretty guys would ignore me... So probably not

    • You'd be surprised.

  • Flirting is not desperation. It's when you have NOTHING else to do, and you're always on us, that we don't like


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