Is this even a big deal?

Instead of my bf forgetting my bday he completely ignored me all day. when I confronted him about it his answer was "I didn't know it was such a big deal" and then made it out to look like I was over reacting. My question is was I overreacting and should I just let this go?


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  • :( no ur not hun. this would upset me tbh.
    no u should not let this go. why should u? no offence but he doesn't sound like a very decent man. if he really loves u and he knows that being considered, especially on ur special day, is important to u, then he would have done so and maybe even spoiled u a little.
    but honestly, one thing that completely puts me off a man is when he tries to bring the blame on u when something really is his fault. notice how he doesn't apologise but says 'you're doing this, i didn't think this...'

    u need to be firm with him, and if he doesn't get it... girl, just leave.


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  • I don't know? I don't really celibrate birthdays so I guess not...


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