Am I unlovable?

Ok So I asked a bunch of girls out over a course of six years and most of them responed with the following answers I'm not ready for a relationship right now and I think you are a great guy, or You are a great guy and anyone would be lucky to be dating you but I'm not allowed or I'm not ready.What does that mean when they say that?am I just ugly or unlovable maybe both?

Sorry pressed wrong number its been 3 years course over 3 years


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  • ok scientifically speaking you can never judge a whole system just from a limited number of cases - in other words - having a streak of undesired experiences does not mean that this is the only way things can be...

    second, take a good hard look at yourself and ask what it is that you can offer in a relationship, build a profile of what you can offer and what you want, and then evaluate if the two can work out, if you desire something you can't sustain or afford then maybe ask what you have to start to offer if you want to meet someone elses needs profile. for example a good number of girls probably want a guy that is confident in himself so what you would need in order to offer that is mainly to become more confident, and one way to do that would be to get yourself to not question your whole person and if you are at all loveable when it didn't work out with some. also the time when you should ask yourself why the relationship didn't work out should be when a long-term relationship went bad.

    but who cares for the millions of reasons that it might or might not work out for others the important thing is it didnt, the train has left the station so what you need to focus on is to move on and find another train/girl you can get a ride on ;)

    yes being self-critical is important, but such questions lead to really low self-esteem given little experience and young age.

    my advice would be to try out activities that can be done socially that train your body and mind and if you found something you enjoy, start getting good at it, and invest some time and then maybe start with a second one.

    not only will this usually open up a lot of ways to casually get to know girls through those activites and you already have something in common and even if it doesn't happen there, it is a topic you can talk about in conversations. but most important, it will make you feel good because you achieved something, and suddenly some girl not wanting you at the moment becomes a much smaller issue, because you have enough other stuff going on anyways

    keep your head up man,

    take care


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  • over six years? so since you were 10 you have been asking people out?!?! maybe you should have just started to ask people out when you turned 16 and not wasted the last 6 years trying. not many girls want relationships when there younger because there still really young and still talk about boy cudies much like your friends were talking about till about 13 or 14 years old. also the dads of all those girls have probably told them there not allowed to date till there 18 or something like that. when they turn 16 or 17 they usually don't worry to much about what daddy said and do what they want to do.and usually daddy doesn't mind a boy to much then as long as he likes you. he has been putting off the inevitable(his little girl bringing home a boy).

    maybe wait a little bit till the girls are more open to relationships and people in your class actually start to date, and I'm not talking about the guys in your class dating girls from another school, but wait till the girls in your school start to date before you ask one of them out. you should wait till one or two start dating because when girls all hang out together they tend to do things or start doing things at the same time, meaning after one or two start dating then its more likely for the others to follow suit.

  • well for starters...when it comes to getting women to be interested in you ...looks are only 20 percent of you would have to be one ugly, fat, repulsive guy who showers maybe once a week and sleeps with a chicken leg in his hand to be incapable of getting a girl.

    from reading what you wrote... it seems very similar to how I used to be not more than a couple years ago. for one is just "unlovable"... what it comes down to is... these girls just aren't into you ... it could be ..because you are the nice guy...or the guy friend that is really treated like a girlfriend... whatever it is need to start raising your social and reproductive value...once you do this girls will be more than happy to go out with you.

    when you talk to girls ...dont talk to them like they are your best to them like you want nothing from them ...nothing to do with them...dont let them walk all over you...dont jump to their every request... don't give them tons of attention...dont constantly compliment them...dont come off as needy or clingy... as all these things are not traits of a guy that women want and is a sure fire way to get stuck in the friend zone.


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  • You been asking girls out for relationships since you were 10? You are too young to worry about this stuff. If your not confident with your appearance change it till you are. hit the gym get in shape. Stop worrying about finding a relationship dude.