Where is the best place for a single guy to pick up a girl?

best place in perth for a single guy to pick up a girl.

if your not sure cause your not from perth. say best place not location.

maybe if your not single say where you met your boyfriend or girlfriend and how it all started and happened etc.


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  • I think a coffee shop is always a good place. (:

    • yeah but usually people dont go to a coffee shop alone, girls with be with a guy they on a date with or there girlfriends. and no guy wants to approach a girl that is with her friends for several reasons

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    • No problemo! (:

    • thanks for the MHO. (:

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  • Honestly, a bar, club, and or mutual friend. That's how I met my boyfriend. I'm going to be honest here though I do go out to such places, and of course get male attention. I think now and days this is the best bet. Hey! no girl ever turns down a "non-creepy" gentleman buying a drink, and can carry some interesting small talk, right? Especially in today's society.

    • yeah but i dont wanna be buying girls drinks all night and end up nowhere thats happened to me way to many times before then i go home depressed

  • through a friend, at a party.
    there is no best place.. but places you feel more comfortable to pick up a girl.. preferably when they're not in a rush


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  • at a party i guess...

    • majority of girls i meet at parties are there with there partners.

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